October 29, 2013

What you need to know about switching to a diesel

In 2011, I drove an Audi A4 with 2.0L turbo petrol engine. I really enjoyed driving this car especially with its 4WD Quattro system that just […]
October 24, 2013

Turbocharges – Basics

Turbochargers have been around since the early 1900’s and have been used in the automotive industry since the 1960’s, but what prompted their introduction? Originally turbochargers […]
October 3, 2013

Manual Transmission Lubricants

Regardless of the type of gearbox or gear set involved, a gear lubricant has three main performance functions: To reduce gear tooth wear to a minimum […]
September 27, 2013

Why use an engine oil flush?

Vehicle manufacturers always provide us with recommended service/oil change intervals. These intervals are clearly set out in the vehicle owner’s handbook. What is not so clear in […]
September 27, 2013

Bacteria/Fungal Growth in Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuels, both in storage and in service, can suffer problems of fungal or bacteria growth from time to time.  The most common bacteria growth is Cladisporium […]