E85 Performance Fuel Treatment

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April 19, 2016
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High Performance Protection for High Performance Cars

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Many high-performance road and race cars have converted to E85 for increased power and torque over Premium Unleaded Fuels. These cars were originally designed to run on unleaded fuel and as such were built with steel fuel tanks. Ethanol fuel is by nature hygroscopic meaning it attracts water from the atmosphere. This can often result in damaging corrosion while using E85 if left untreated.

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Nulon E85 Performance Fuel Treatment is formulated to protect fuel systems that have been designed or converted to run E85 fuel. This product prevents and inhibits rust and corrosion in the fuel tank, fuel lines and combustion chamber, while keeping injectors clean for optimal engine performance.

Nulon e85 treatment

Nulon E85 Performance Fuel Treatment allows ethanol fuel to be stored in the car or jerry can for up to 12 months, it is designed for both road and track cars and will not affect the performance of the ethanol. For those with tow cars or 4×4 vehicles, it will keep diesel fuel fresh and clean for up to 12 months.


 Pro’s & Cons of converting to E85

  • Performance cars are converting to E85 (105 RON) for maximum power on the road and track, This requires an upgrade to the software as well as the fuel system
  • Ethanol attracts water from the atmosphere creating rust in the fuel system and steel tank designed to run unleaded petrol.
  • Ethanol can quickly ‘split’ or lose RON over the space of weeks – not months.
  • Cars running E85 can suffer engine damage if Ethanol is split and doesn’t combust correctly.

Why Use Nulon’s Ethanol E85 Performance Fuel Treatment?

  • Prevents tank and fuel line corrosion
  • Helps prevent water contamination
  • Prevents ethanol fuel splitting and losing RON
  • Cleans injectors and combustion chambers from power robbing deposits
  • Keeps Petrol and Diesel fuel fresh for up to 12 months
  • Treats up to 100 Litres of fuel



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