Glen Phegan`s 1976 HJ Premier joins the Nulon stable

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Introducing one very tough street car to the Nulon stable in the way of Glen Phegan`s HJ premier. This Bright, Loud, Aggressive HJ demands attention whenever the key is turned, and for good reason, under that hood is a 540 cube big block pumping out way too much power. Lets take a closer look at the 1976 HJ Premier. Clipsal 043_Nulon

This hand built work of art was put together by Grants Performance, and although the final formula is a well kept secret lets have a look whats inside this Chev block:

  • Scat 4340 Crank
  • Oliver H beam rods
  • JE Forged Pistons 11.9:1 comp
  • Crower big solid roller cam
  • Brodix alloy heads with lots of porting
  • Super Victor cnc ported intake manifold
  • 1250 Dominator carby
  • MSD ignition

HoldenHZBAD076_031 (2) As you can see, the engine bay is one of the cleanest we have come across, Glens theory of do it once and do it right is prevalent here with braided lines and chrome finishing what the engine builder started. HoldenHZBAD076_056

It doesn`t stop in the engine bay, Check out the boot of this beast, hard line fittings, Internal and external pumps mean this petrol hungry big block will never run out of  food. Glen still wanted to keep this a street car as much as possible, you might notice the full sound system behind the race fuel setup. Need something to muffle out those loud pumps after all. HoldenHZBAD076_042

Comfort needs to be high when you are wrestling with 600hp + so Glen had the 1976 seats reshaped and done in black leather with Ostrich leather inserts. some big Gauges tell him when he has been enjoying himself too much. you might notice that B&M shifter. Glen has built a Turbo 400 gearbox and manualised it with a clean B&M shifter. HJ 3

Lets talk about braking and handling… Glen has upgrade the brakes front and rear, 330mm vented rotors with twin piston calipers front and 285mm vented rear discs. To get all that power to the ground Glen went with a Coil over shock in the rear while he dropped the weight up front with pedders springs to give it that amazing stance.


The rear end of this bad boy is yet another masterpiece, Custom Fabricated sheet metal diff housing  a 9 inch filled with Truetrack splines and 5/8 studs



Unlike most cars with reverse cowls, Glen took the time and fabricated his out of Metal. Not only does this mean that he uses a factory bonnet but it also solves that dirty shake that a glass bonnet suffers from.



Lets talk paint, This HJ has to be seen in the sun to really understand what Glen has achieved, his choice of Orange pearl was always going to make this car stand out in a crowd, but Glen took it a step further by ghosting flames down the side that can only just been seen in some angles. all the work was done by Kingpin Kustoms. – Job well done.



Look what happens when you have 600HP+ NA with a Turbo 400 gearbox….. Smoke show for all to see

Have a look at how this power rolls on and off on the dyno graph. It makes power right across the rev range and makes us think twice about forced induction for high horsepower.







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