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March 30, 2017
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May 24, 2017

The legend of 7-second GT-R JUN II is about to be rewritten.


Speed means compromise. Bragging rights and registration are seldom compatible. The natural habitat of spongy SUV’s and commuter hatches, every tenth off a time costs street comfort. Jarring suspension, fixed seats, unmanageable power curves and a keen highway patrol make the street-driven-race-car dream hard work.


In his time as a car enthusiast, Robert Marjan has built two things; fast cars, and cult drag racing followings.

100 kilograms heavier than a standard black R32 GT-R, JUN II is barely noticeable as anything other than a handsome road-going Skyline. Despite elapsed quarter mile times in the seven seconds, JUN II remains in full ‘drive to track, paint it black, drive it back’ trim. Sound deadening, factory pews and air conditioning.

Growing up in 1980’s Canberra, Robert was raised on a diet of Ford, Holden and the great Aussie eight. Teenage years in the Capital weren’t renowned for a vibrant nightlife. Boredom was broken by hot laps of Walter Burley Griffin’s grand design.

“It was all about the car scene” said Robert. “On a Friday night all you did was get together and drive cars. I would meet friends after work, maybe have a run down a private street or just race between traffic lights.”

In the mid-90’s, a taste of Japanese cars opened the door to a rabbit hole. Buying a Nissan 200SX (S14) brand new, it took six months of driving before the car was handed over to Sydney tuning OG’s and GT-R geniuses, Croydon Racing Development (CRD).

The brief? The world’s fastest.

The Silvia, bearing the name plates DEVLSH became the world’s quickest in 2004. It ran an 8.7 second quarter mile pass. With the factory body, factory motor and factory suspension layout Robert had beaten the Japanese tuners and their home ground advantage. While the S14 was turning heads the world over, Robert was already cultivating an affair with the GT-R. The first steps towards JUN were being taken.

The original CRD built JUN Skyline was named for the Japanese tuning house JUN Auto, who produced a then unobtanium 2.7 litre stroker kit fitted to Roberts ’32. Famous for their lemon-yellow creations and ability to produce incredible speed, a 420 km/h salt flat record in a 300ZX made the company’s name.


With a HKS T51R forcing 550kW through the stroked RB26 Robert ran a 9.2 second pass at 155 miles per hour, earning the nickname Dreamcrusher. While the crew celebrated, Robert was quietly devastated.

He wanted an eight.

CEO of a major quick service restaurant chain, Robert is a man who sets objectives and quietly gets to work achieving them. JUN II, JUN’s sequel, is a project that challenges the laws of physics.

“I said stuff it, I’m going all out. This car is going to run a seven second pass in street trim.”

With the objective of a car that looked and drove as Nissan intended, on radial tyres with rego, Robert and CRD got to work.


Running an 8.9 on debut, two months later an 8.32 second pass made JUN II the quickest in the world. In the background, competitors had been lurking. Two GT-R’s, RH9-GTR and the Maatouks Racing built KING32 were staging and racing, getting ahead and building to a grudge match. JUN II was running consistent 8’s. With 55 psi of boost and an estimated 1300 horsepower, secret ‘tweaks’ saw the Skyline run a 7.90, backed up with a 7.89. You only have to have seen the first Fast and the Furious film to know how crazy that is for a street car.

The car was temporarily retired as the CRD team and Robert bathed in international repute. Once again the world’s quickest.

Since that pass, the record has been cracked, twice. KING32 is currently worlds quickest, with an organ rearranging 7.701 second pass. It was time for JUN II to reenlist in the work force.

“We’re back now, and we won’t stop until we’re number one,” says Robert.

“We want this car to dip in the mid 7’s and we won’t stop until that happens. You know we have the perseverance, we have the stamina. We’ll keep going until it happens.”

In the first days of April, Robert  will seek to reclaim a record. The quickest true street GT-R in the world. Of course, no grudge match comes without its share of smack talk.

“When people claim straight street GT-R, you know what, make sure that it is… This is the quickest true street GT-R bar none. I welcome anyone to challenge that.”

JUN II Specs

  • RD28 block
  • Nitto Performance Engineering 3.2L stroker kit
  • Custom CRD dry sump kit
  • CRD Race Ported Head
  • CRD custom camshafts
  • Nitto Performance Engineering Head Gasket
  • Precision Pro Mod 88 turbocharger
  • 6Boost exhaust manifold
  • Hypertune inlet manifold
  • GReddy Drag Intercooler
  • Custom 5-inch stainless exhaust with muffler.
  • Alloy radiator
  • Fuel cell
  • Nitrous kit
  • BPR coilpacks
  • MoTeC M150
  • MoTeC C187 dash
  • Custom mil-spec wiring loom with two MoTeC PDMs
  • MoTeC CDI
  • MoTeC mini dash display
  • MoTeC CAN keypad
  • Al’s Raceglides turbo 400 gearbox
  • CRD modified transfer case
  • Custom tailshaft
  • 2 x Gearbox coolers
  • S14 Silvia brakes
  • 15-inch Buddy Club wheels
  • Mickey Thompson Radial Pro
  • ANDRA spec roll cage



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