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February 26, 2015
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With the release of our new Permanent Head Gasket Repair products which is hitting shelves this week, we thought it would be best to hand out some bottles to some of the guys at the track for some real world testing to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. Head gaskets are a funny thing as in most cases the gasket itself is only around $100 to buy, but it’s the labour in pulling the heads off which becomes mega costly. This often finishes in the thousands by the time you get your car back. You also have very little idea that your gasket is worn until it’s too late and once they go, the car rapidly goes downhill. Foam from the cooling system or loss of water is often the first symptom of a blown head gasket quickly followed by overheating and rapid loss of power.


If you have reached this point then it’s often too late as the motor is “Cooked” and the cooling system can no longer keep the car at the correct temperature. Some other signs of a blown head gasket are coolant leaking externally from below the exhaust manifold, white smoke from the exhaust, white or milky oil or bubbles in the radiator.



Now if you see these symptoms or have just found out your head gasket may be on its way out Nulon’s Head Gasket Repair could save you thousands in repair costs. This is the driving force behind our new Head Gasket Repair which can stop leaks up to 0.8mm in diameter and seal them up hard. The quicker you can catch the damage early the more likely there will be success of working so well.



A failure like this one is not going to be repaired by anything but a new head gasket, the pressure in the piston ranges from 120psi to 200psi and above, no repair is going to hold that kind of cylinder pressure, but if the failure is (more commonly) between the water jackets and the oil galleries which is somewhere between 12-20psi you have a good chance of repairing it without having to change the gasket.



To test our new product out we first had to find a car that has had a head gasket failure. We put the call out at the dragstrip one Wednesday night and we found what we were looking for. Mats LS powered 180sx was built to be thrashed, and thrashed it was!

Although Mat has all the bars and suspension work of a drift car, he is often found in burnout comps, running low 12`s at the drag strip (or so he claims) and he has even placed top 10 at the Bathurst hill climb. Having only ever thrown tyres, oil and fuel at it, the motor itself was becoming a bit tired and started having some overheating issues during one such burnout comp.


Nulon’s Permanent head gasket repair contains the world famous DuPont Kevlar fibre which hunts out and stops leaks up to 0.8mm in diameter, meaning it’s perfect for repairing a gasket that has failed between a water jacket and oil galleries. The microscopic fibres travel through the cooling system to mesh, plug and bond to the leak or crack, followed by a liquid resin that hardens around the plugged leak. This creates a permanent and long lasting watertight seal.


Mat`s 180sx had a failure in the gasket between the water jacket and the oil gallery, this was causing pressure to build up in the cooling system and bubbles forming in the radiator.


As you can see, when the radiator cap is removed the foam is a clear sign something isn`t right on this angry LS.


Within 2-3 minutes the engine is running hot and starting to build pressure. Mat had to remove the cap to stop the hoses ballooning from the radiator. This is a clear sign that you have either cylinder pressure or oil system pressure contaminating the cooling system. The car is not driveable in this condition.



Facing a costly rebuild, Mat decided to try the product we gave him at the track a week earlier. The only other option was to pull the heads off which is something he was trying to avoid.



Now be careful and read the “How to use instructions” on the back of the bottle. For big capacity cars such as 6 and 8 cylinders you need to use the entire bottle. Shake it well and pour it into the radiator with the car turned off.

Nulon stopleak


Once the fluid is in, replace the cap and let the car run for around 15 minutes while keeping an eye on the temp gauge. The Kevlar fibres will make their way through the cooling system and start finding the small leaks meaning you will find less pressure build up in the radiator. This will also stop the temperature gauge climbing meaning it should start returning back to normal as the cooling system can take control of engine temp again. Mat noticed a change within 5 minutes, the idle changed and went slightly smoother, this could be a combination of the car starting to cool down again as well as the pressure backing off in the cooling system.


The key to the success off Mats repair was following the instructions 100%, this includes driving the car after it has cooled down to bed in the repair and making sure he used the entire bottle. HE noticed that some of the gold flex is still floating through the cooling system, this isn’t a worry. You will notice this for around 12 months.


In this case, this product saved pulling the heads off to replace the damaged gasket. Mat can get back to what he is good at, cooking tyres and not motors.

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