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Wakefield Park Raceway is located 2.5 hours south west of Sydney and is home to some of the fastest cars Australia has to offer. June 21st and 22nd was no exception, the who`s who of Australian Time Attack were out to break some records and show people exactly how quick they can go on a treaded tyre. A simple walk through the pits and you will see some familiar faces, one thing we noticed was the incredible development that is going into these cars on a weekly basis.


The racing kicked off under blue skies on Saturday morning, Straight away we knew there was going to be some extremely quick times across the weekend.


The Pro class,Pulse racing Evo driven by Paul Mckinnon got off to a record breaking start with a 58.5 second lap beating the old lap record and setting the bench mark for the weekend, giving a number for people to chase.


A car that blew everybody`s mind was the Evolution Motorport Porsche. Just .09 seconds off the lead in an Open class car. Going over this car you will see just how much work Paul and the team have put into this car. It is on an extreme diet and the aero package and motor combo is simply unbeatable. We have no doubt we will see much more of this car in the coming months in the lead up to World Time Attack. Congrats to Paul Mckinmnon for taking out “1st and 2nd outright, 1st in Pro Class, 1st in Open Class, 1st in the top ten shoot out and 1st 2wd car” an amazing job driving more than one car and putting them both at the top of the podium.


Another stand out performance came from the pit garage of BYP racing. They have always been known for very quick times in time attack format, NSW Time Attack was no exception. Brothers Benny and Jimmy Tran ran 4 cars over the weekend.  BYP have some of the fastest FWD cars in the world and they put them on display for all to see. Their famous DC2R Ran a blistering 58.99 second lap on Sunday after returning to Sydney overnight to work on 3 of their 4 cars after blowing superchargers etc.


Not only did they take out the Fastest Front wheel drive/ first front wheel drive to go under 60second, they also had Clubsprint wrapped up with a 103.4 second lap out of their extremely clean daily driven S2000. ” BYP500″ is one of our favourite cars here as it is super clean, super low and to do a 103 around wakefield means it puts alot of cars including v8 supercars to shame.


This car was spotted the next day dropping into spotlight for some new cloths. Next time you are anywhere near this car check out the attention to detail. Look at the front and rear diffusers. The carbon roof, and if you are lucky enough, check out what is under the bonnet. Benny and the guys are simply ahead of the field when it comes to Honda tuning.


This BYP sleeper civic took out fastest Front Wheel drive in clubsprint as well. Steve the owner is also entered in the Nulon Nationals events and with a 1:10 time he will be sure to upset alot of the bigger name cars, This car is equipped with a very neat turbo kit and is still rocking the Factory Honda Towbar. Congrats and see you next week.


Second in Clubsprint went to DTMP racing driven by Michael King. The evo is well setup and Michael made the most of the great weather. He and Team partner Steve Thompson got plenty of track time with both evos doing Personal bests across the weekend.


John Boston was a busy man as always, driving 3 cars across the weekend. The Tune house 86 was looking great as always, Jim and the boys have this car well over 300klw now and it came close to its PB with a 1:06.5 but as racing goes, gearbox issues meant it just had to sit there and look good. John also drove the wheels off the Tunehouse STI taking out 3rd place in clubsprint with a 1:04.53 only .06 seconds off 2nd place. not bad for a daily driven car and street tyres.


One of the coolest cars of the weekend and the reason we wanted to write this blog post was for an Old school RX-7. Matt Cole build this weapon in his garage on a shoe string budget. Time attack racing is all about trying, testing and learning from what you have done in the past. This is exactly what Matt has done with this Ex Drag racing RX-7. The car was no pig on the drag strip, running a 10.70. but to transform the chassis and aero package into something that can take on almost anything else in its class is incredible.


Matts Pitt crew is himself and his wife, he rocked up with one set of Hankooks and with the help of Boston ended up taking out 6th in open class and 3rd outright in the top ten shoot out. Can you believe this Mazda lapped wakefield in a 61.75. Matt is the kind of guy that built everything including the aero himself. Hats off mate. Job well done.


Sub 60 second cars were coming at us from all angles. Lets talk Evos, Lachlan Granger is no stranger to building and racing fast cars. His Evo built by Notaras Motorsport hit that magical 60 second Wakefield lap time on the Saturday morning. Lachlan is another driver taking on the Nulon Nationals at the same track on the 4th of July.


The best thing we picked up from NSW Time Attack was that there was a huge range of cars and budgets on display. Time attack racing is a growing sport in Australia and we cant wait to get behind all forms of it. See you all at the next one.

Stay tuned for more event coverage from Wakefield Raceway, Starting with the Nulon Nationals Round 2, 4th of July at Wakefield Raceway.








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