Nulon Blaze unit at WTAC 2013

Wazuma V8F by Lazareth
October 31, 2013
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Mazda Furai
November 4, 2013

With another World Time Attack run and won for 2013 i thought we should recap on a weekend that was. The Blaze Unit Team were out in force as always with the International drift challenge held under lights at Sydney Motorsport park.


Having a three car team this year really made the Blaze unit boys stand out, who would of thought they could top last years efforts.


Jabbit and Schembri started doing what they do best, the smoke from the looming bushfire was nothing compared to what these guys were laying down on the track.


It looked like Shembri has his car sorted and was laying down some really solid runs all night, the car was one of the best on track as far as looks, smoke, noise and the judges agreed.


As the sun set it was time for the boys to hit the track and qualify for the top 16 on Saturday. The track was fast flowing which caught some of the big names out


Great results with Jabbit Jumping into 4th spot and Schembri taking out 10th. Bring on Saturday. With the inclusion of Gavin Edwards the Blaze Unit boys were a real chance at the title.


Here is a video of the guys at ADGP round one last month, Shembri`s

Bonnet wrapped over his windscreen and he still kept his foot flat…  Wow


The lighting really made the boys a crowd favorite, as you can see the control these guys have is incredible, with crazy entries like this it was going to either a win or a smoke show.


These guys have driven together for years, a level of knowing what the other driver is going to do is key in the team drift.


The Nulon Blaze unit team are known for their huge angles and thick smoke. This event was no different.



The aggressive style is always fun to watch, The weekend turned out well for some and great for others. The crowds seem to get bigger at every Australian drift event.775609_462975937153741_932164750_o

Stay tuned for more event coverage with the Figure 8 comp just around the corner

A special Thanks has to go out to everyone that helped out and the great shots from:


Chollins industries

Still Motion Media


Inmotion Motorsport





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