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August 18, 2015
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December 2, 2015

For those of you that haven’t been to a World Time Attack Challenge before, we encourage you to make the trip out to Sydney Motorsport Park in October for an event that not only gives you an up close and personal experience with some of the worlds most technological advanced tin top cars, It gives you the chance to interact with the leading brands, new products as well as the rare chance to see cars that only ever come out during this event.

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In 2015 it was no different, Cars came from all over thew world chasing that One perfect lapĀ including England, Scotland, Germany, Japan, America as well as a lot closer to home with the crazy Kiwi`s stopping the show with some insane rotors and one of the cleanest Evos in the field driven by Cat Benson. What took center stage though was the boys from Lyfe Motorsport in the U.S. These guys purpose built an R35 GTR for World Time Attack 2015, the more you looked at this car the crazier it became. Carbon everywhere, Although they didnt get off to the best of starts, lunching a motor on day one, the team got into the time attack spirit and pulled an all nighter to get back out on track for saturday. Huge effort guys and well done on one of the craziest cars we have seen come out of the U.S. Hope to see you all again next year.


What dominated the headlines this year was the heat, we had practice and the 2 day event with temps well over 30c which set the track up to be close to 60c at some points. This isnt ideal for highly strung turbocharged motors on street tyres. At the end of the day, it was the same track for all the teams, it just meant that it would be very hard (but not impossible) for records to break with the track going off very quickly. Luckily the Nulon girls had fair warning and started handing out our Snapbacks, for some reason we ran out in 30mins.


The Nulon Motorsport team was made up of a huge range of cars this year, although we had a focus on returning drivers like Chris Alexander in Pro Am and Dean Lille driving the Powertune R34 in Open class. We also had some fresh faces in our stables this year including the only Australian built car entered and some FWD cars out of the BYP racing stable that really upset a lot of the big boys.

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The Nulon Motorsport team came away from the weekend with a huge result, hitting the podium in every class we entered in, so lets take a look at the cars, the girls and the results of the 2015 World Time Attack Challenge.


CJA Motorsport – Chris Alexander:

This car is 1 of a kind, Designed and built in QLD, It is a full carbon body on an R32 GTR chassis and running gear. Tuned and serviced by the boys at TRP Racing in Sydney, this car makes well over 1000hp at the motor but what is really special about this car is its aero package. Full front nose cone and rear wing gives this car huge down force. Over 3 Ton at top speed which really makes you ask the age old question. If you wanted to, could you drive an aero car upside down? The numbers say yes, but our insurance company says ” Dont you dare try it”



Chris, like the rest of the drivers battled the hot temps all weekend, Due to the extreme pressure on the tyres from the aero on the pro and pro am cars, these felt it the most. After day 1 Chris Alexander was in the lead with a super quick 1:28.27 although the car was capable of a much quicker time.PHR22923


Day 2 came around and it was time for him to push for that 1:25 mark that we were all dreaming of. Coming into turn 1 a little hot and heavy (30km faster than ever before) he clipped the inside of the track and removed the wing on his splitter, this instantly changed the characteristics and grip level on the front end which pushed him wide and off the track, There is a handful of people in Australia that dont panic when you loose control at well over 260km.

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Thankfully Chris was one of them, he kept the car off the wall which limited the damage to the front splitter only. Due to the heat, then the *out of no where* down door of rain, this limited Chris`s chances of recording that “one perfect lap”. He managed to take 2nd place in Pro Am which is a great reward for the effort him, his family and all the boys at TRP put in.


BYP Racing – Daniel Meredith Winner of Clubsprint 2015


Dan is no stranger to this blog page, Coming second in 2015 in the Nulon Nationals drivers championship in the first year he ran was very impressive. When we were told that BYP and Dan were going to enter Time Attack with the sole purpose of winning we were very excited, as we knew what this Silver EK Civic was capable of. Dan had a motor let go 2 days before the drag event at coota, when this happens to most people, they pack up, re group and start again.



Not Dan, the BYP guys had a fully forged bottom end in the car in less than 24 hours and they not only got the car running but found an extra 100klw. Now for a car that weighs 960kg, an extra 100klw is a huge deal. This was the perfect weapon for taking a run at the Clubsprint (Street Car) class. After the first session on friday it was clear they were here to win. Posting a P1 time of 1.39.44 which not only put huge powered AWD cars in their place but also set the record for a Clubsprint car at Time Attack.


Over the weekend Tunehouse and a few other big names tried to steal the P1 time off Dan, but at the end of the event, he stood on the top step and nobody deserved it more than him and the BYP crew. Congrats on a huge win guys and see you all next year for a big Nulon Nationals event.


Dean Lillie – Powertune GTR

This is the second year we have sponsored Steve Ka`s incredible R34 GTR built in house by Chea and the Powertune workshop in western Sydney. Powertune are the leaders in all things fast, this includes 9 second daily driven street cars to all out Time Attack machines, just to give you an idea on how good these guys are at turning out race cars, they came 1-2 last year in open class with 2 GTRs driven by the same driver. This added a level of stress in the garage but the boys pulled it off.


Coming back in 2015 to defend his title, Steve employed Dean to steer the car again, a new suspension setup had them on track to knock at least 2 seconds off last years winning time which would be hard to beat. Like most teams they had some dramas with the heat and a few little issues caused dean to shut down on what was to be a winning lap. At the end of the weekend, They came away with a 3rd place running a 1:31.45.


What is even more impressive is that was the time set during the slowest part of the weekend. We know they are already planning on coming back next year to show the world that an open class car can dip well into the 20`s

Wtacsaturday2015 291

DS Motorsport – Monaro


This is one cool car, The DS Motorsport Monaro was the only Australian built car in the field in 2015. Although the car was only finished 4 days before and this was very much a shakedown, the boys achieved their event goal of a 1:40 lap on Thursday practice.



*Hold my Beer* is possibly the best sticker for a wing… Ever


With Josh Muggleton and Nulon Nationals driver Adam Burgess sharing the wheel during the weekend, it was always going to be a busy pit area. Some fine tuning of the aero and a few little touch ups inside the engine bay and exhaust dropped their time to a 1:38.56.


A very good result for the cars first outing, we cant wait to see what 12 months of development does to this car. It was a great experience to share a pit bay with these guys, who just love building cars and hate sleeping before an event.


John Bright – BPG Motorsport


Motorsport is like family, this couldn’t be more true in the case of John. We met him last year at time attack and the name BPG should be familiar within the Nulon Motorsport team. BPG has had 4 cars in the Nulon stable over the past 2 years including an RX-7, 2 x R32 GTRs and a Genetta G50 which ran at Nulon Nationals this year.

Wtacfriday2015 502

John and nephew Adam Burgess went head to head this weekend in open class, John drove one of the cleanest most well setup R32 GTRs we have seen at time attack. This car has been around for a few years but it looks like it has just rolled off the factory for (except for carbon fiber everywhere) After day one, you could tell that he knew what he was doing as his lap times were all within .05 of a second off each other.


The car is always dialed, running over 350klw through a sequential box it also looks like a hell of alot of fun. John improved his time on Saturday running a 1:35.55 which is very impressive considering the 30c Plus day. we all know how much GTRs love the heat…

Stephen Jones – Black sheep racing

Wtacfriday2015 448

Stephen runs the Honda team for our Nulon Nationals event, coming 3rd this year in the club championship, he must be doing something right. Stephen has a very different Honda, We first met Stephen at round 1 Bulahdelah when he made a name for himself for driving straight through the second barrier without even touching the brakes… This guy either needs glasses or has huge balls for coming into that corner so hot.


We later popped the bonnet and found this Honda Civic family car was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, from the outside it looked like a classic run around, weather shield, window tint, tow bar. other than that it looked stock. pop the bonnet and you will now find a monster 200klw K24/20 and a huge smile on his face. Now this car is not built for time attack, it is built to upset the apple cart, that’s what we love, Stephen has done all sorts of racing, Hill climb, drag racing, super sprints and even door to door. This car can do 1 flying lap or 30 laps of the same track without missing a beat. the heat didn’t worry it like almost every other car.

Wtacfriday2015 428

He packed up at the end of each day and drove it home. This is truly what club sprint class is all about. A word to the wise, if you ever pull up at the lights next to this thing, make sure you are packing some serious power (and ear muffs) as you will need it.


Stuart Rankin – Nulon Rookie of the year 2014


Stuart was one of 2 winners of our Rookie of the year in 2014, His white RZ supra is another street car that packs some real punch. over 350klw and the right suspension upgrades, Stu was all set for a cracking 2015 event, that was until a grinder tried to eat his hand. 3 weeks before the event Stu was in a hospital bed learning if he would regain full movement in his hand. with deep cuts to both the top and bottom side of his hand, our main focus was making sure his recovery was going well.

Wtacfriday2015 450

His main focus was how he was going to change gears coming into turn 2. To take some of the stress out of it, he shared the driving with his old man who is one of the characters of time attack racing. The heat got to Stuart`s poor 2J and like most of the field, ended the weekend with some engine troubles. He still managed a 1:47.99 which placed him in the top 20. A huge result considering we didn’t expect him to be out of hospital until a few days before the event.

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With 2015 done and dusted, we are now setting our eyes to the Nulon Nationals series which starts in only 3 months, in 2016 we are going to Bathurst, Cootamundra and we are even doing a GP circuit time attack at Eastern creek. This will give our team some huge practice time leading into the 2016 World Time Attack Challenge.


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We couldn’t of done it without the Man himself, Ian Porter, not only did he spend a week cleaning the truck to put it on our stand. But also got his pins out and gave the girls a run for their money.

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