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May the 4th (be with you) saw drifters from all corners of Australia descend on Wakefield Raceway for a fun filled weekend of skids, tyre smoke, burnt sausages and freezing winds and sideways action. The Nulon Matsuri was combined with the Repco Pro tour round 2 to create a weekend with maximum track time as well as a display of some of Australia`s best drifters.


The weekend got off to a cold and shaky start, with a bit of rain and a high of only 7c. This however didnt stop the boys going out and getting in the mud, some more than once. 10339508_714678261923900_914271031582824152_o

Such a wide range of cars enter in the Nulon Matsuri, Including this E36 BMW powered by a 1J. This was not the first Matsuri for the Pink Beemer, in fact it was borrowed to compete in the pro tour last November.


The Marvel Drifters from Newcastle had a range of new cars out on the track, Including a 408klw 1J powered S14 and a 366klw 4 door R33. These cars were driven hard all weekend.


The car started out clean and dry… didn’t end that way. 10257736_713674072024319_963908225604895548_o

Even the Pro guys couldn’t keep their nose out of the mud sometimes with the track almost icy on the Saturday arvo. ¬† 10256143_714624231929303_4838945748701760428_o

Brad Tuohy was in fine form over the weekend sitting in 1st qualifying position after the first session, although he did come alittle close to the wall during one of his runs, sending him home for the night to fix the front end just to make the start line again.10257823_714624785262581_4293785572095346980_o



Brad`s team did an amazing job getting the car back onto the start line for the B main final. he drove the doors off his S13 to win that final and take his place in the A main final later in the day.


With the Pro tour underway we sat back and watched some of the biggest 1st corner entries to date at wakefield. Sam Tabbouch in his 4 door R34 took the balls to the wall entry award with a few touches and zero F*^&ks given. aaaaaaa

The battles went hard and fast on Sunday with some of the closet drifting we have seen in a while at “Short track” 10257907_714136171978109_1783351346743305242_o

The Pit crew were flat out just to keep these boys in the comp. Running repairs on Brads car kept him well in the hunt for the points.903556_714675988590794_7151717298726719419_o

Qualifying 4th and 5th it meant that Gav and Steve were against each other first up… alittle bit tough as they also shared a garage (and heater) for the weekend. 10296027_715093061882420_5365462768435737304_o

Gav muscled his way through with a win, Although it was very close and moved onto the top 4. 964414_714136095311450_1317444798512695699_o

Micheal Rosenblatt looked dialed in all weekend and cruised on in to the top 4 with a solid qualifying position giving him a bye run. 10317822_714675788590814_1727144200529623769_o

Top 4 was set… Danny Kennelly was the Number 1 qualifier and was the man to beat, solid driving all weekend and the car looked at home on the wakefield track, Gavin Edwards was looking aggressive and his car was getting the power to the ground to back it up, Anothony Bilic is a very consistent driver at wakefield, ¬†proving this across the whole weekend, and Michael Rosenblatt was the round 1 winner in a tight battle.


Some great driving skills were on display and the results went:

1:Michael Rosenblatt

2:Danny Kennelly

3:Anthony Bilic

4:Gavin Edwards

Winner of the B Main final: Brad Touhey



Winner of the B Main final: Brad Touhey



Time to Matsuuuuuuuri….






Danny was on fire all weekend.


Steve Pembrey was super smooth all weekend, even having some fun on the back straight during the Matsuri, brings a new term to backwards donuts


The clouds threatened to wet the track but it stayed dry all sunday


This clean R34 knew what sideways was all about


Sorry about the freshly painted front bar



With only a few minor problems on track all weekend.. including a fireball out the back of Ben Toyers car. A crack in the sump led to a dance off with the fire crew





Thanks to all of those who made the trip down.. we cant wait until November when we do it all again.

For a range of photos click the Gallery below.




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