Nulon Nationals 2015: Round 3 – 24th of July

Stephen Thompson’s shakes up the Sports Sedan class in his Evolution
May 7, 2015
Nulon Nationals Results, Round 3 – Wakefield Park
August 6, 2015
Nulon Nationals R35

It is that time of year again. The weather gets cold, the air gets thick and Wakefield raceway becomes one of the coldest places on earth. Perfect timing to hold round 3 of the Nulon Nationals, its Time Attack time, 10 car clubs bring some of Australia`s fastest road and track cars to battle it out for cash, points and bragging rights for yet another year.Nulon Nationals IS EVO 2

2014 gave us one of the best days we have seen in the winter months at Wakefield. an early frost covered the field, leaving people to work out how to remove ice from their cars before getting on track. It soon cleared up and became a brilliant winters day.

NUlon Nationals GTR

Action on track gave us plenty to talk about, a real Evo v GTR battle was taking place up the top of the field. With Steve Ka and the Powertune R34 GTR taking final honors and posting a 60.08 second lap. He also broke the top speed record down the front straight of 268km. Huge.

Nulon Nationals Steve Ka

2015 will see the same format run, we will have 10 car clubs entering a 6 car team each. The difference will be in the points, only the top 5 cars from each club will collect points for their club. This gives room for the clubs to have a reserve incase you have something let go or for what ever reason the car doesn’t clock a time on the day.

Nulon Nationals is evo

Spectator entry is free for the day so grab your friends and family and come and check out some of Australia`s fastest road and track cars.

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