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Something new in 2015 is the Nulon Nationals Drivers Championship. Although the main focus is for the clubs to gather as many points as possible for their respective clubs, We wanted to reward the drivers that have made their mark on the 2015 event.

So lets take a look at the top ten drivers after the first two rounds.


Coming in number 10 is no stranger to the Nulon Nationals event:


Paul Fisher from Pulse racing runs a successful performance shop in Sydney building some of Australia`s fastest street and track cars. A regular at Time attack as well as Evo Nationals and many club events. What is most impressive is Paul managed to pull 10th spot in his daily driven car. In round 1 it was his 280klw BRZ that was built in house. That car was sold 2 weeks before round 2 So he brought his brand new MY15 WRX to the hillclimb and placed a very impressive 24th overall. Paul shares the driving with friend and fellow shop owner, Paul Mckinnon who pilots the Pulse racing Evo during World Time Attack.

9th spot is another another Nulon Nationals regular.


Tim Burt driving for SAU is a young Nulon sponsored driver that has really impressed after the first 2 rounds. We first met Tim at the Nulon Matsuris at Wakefield raceway. Tim spent some time in Japan learning to drift and it is clear to see that he has great car control. Like other drifters that adapt to ” Grip racing” Tim has no issue with placing the car exactly where it needs to be as fast as possible. Rear traction often makes drivers back off and become slow, Tim has the ability to steer through the corner and makes his relativity stock Nissan very hard to beat on a hillclimb like this. Tim also placed 2nd at the Bathurst decent a few weeks ago, some people call it balls, we call it confidence. We hope to see Tim at future events along side his CNTS racing team.

Coming in 8th so far is Verne Johnson from the MX-5 club of NSW


Verne has been with our event since day one, along with his MX-5 team mates, Verne has really taught the entire field how quick these MX-5s can be. His turbo MX-5 street car is a perfect example of what can be achieved with a smart balance of power and weight distribution. Running a 39 second pass up the bulahdelah hillclimb, after driving too and from the event is very impressive. Wakefield is the next round and is the true playground for the MX-5s. Having 2 club members in the top 10 also shows how strong the MX-5 club will be this year.

7th place sees another Nissan in the top 10


David Milano is new to the Nulon Nationals in 2015, yet spent no time making his mark on the event. Round 1 was designed with small, nimble cars in mind,this was to give them an advantage over the field when it comes to Round 3 and 4. Putting a RWD 1500kg Nissan into the top 10 is a very impressive, controlling a 370+klw car on a wet skid pan takes a lot of skill and patience. During round 2 David improved his position each time he hit the track shaving 5 seconds off his first attempt planting him in 14th overall. (4th fastest RWD)

Coming in 6th place is Eric Yamashita


Eric in his newly finished R33 GTR is another newbie in 2105. A full built motor, upgraded turbos and a full suspension setup gave Eric the gear he needed to steer his GTR into a top 10 position in round 2. Placing 8th in a street driven car is nothing to sneeze at. With almost 400klw at the wheels it wouldn’t of been easy on a wet skid pan either. This is the first year the GTR has been back in this form, We only expect it to get faster. Bring on round 3.

5th place is currently being held by Todd Herring from the MX-5 club


Todd can steer, Round 1 he brought his track prepped SR20 MX-5 and showed us how it was done, Placing 16th, very impressive for such a powerful car in the wet. What really impressed us was his performance in round 2. The SR20 MX-5 was out of action, so he borrowed his brothers 1.6T car (they look almost the same) and placed it into 15th overall. Very consistent across the weekend mixing it with cars 3 times his power levels. A truly deserved top 5 spot.

4th place is owned by Nulon drifter Steve Pembrey


Steve is no stranger to Nulon events, Driving at everything from Matsuris, Drifting at world time attack against the worlds best drivers and competing at every single Nulon Nationals events. Steve has a very interesting car. The classic Japanese Drift car AE86 with a difference. The worlds first 2GR (toyota Camary) 3.5L v6. converted to North, South and put in front of a Toyota Hilux gearbox. This car is still NA and producing just under 200klw at the wheels. If we had a biggest balls award it would of gone to Steve, he pushed his little drift car into the fastest RWD position position and 6th overall… 35.9 Seconds with under 200klw upset alot of big power AWD cars, There is also a great battle going with Steve and the club manager of the 86 Club Josh Leask.

3rd place is held by the above mention, Josh Leask


Josh is the club manager for the 86 Driver club and is another driver that has been with us since day 1. He and Steve Pembrey often battle it out for fastest RWD at our nationals events. Josh also does 99% of the work on his track spec Toyota 86 himself. This includes a bolt on bolt off turbo kit he designed so that he can run in different classes at a wide range of events. Josh also has grand plans to run in the New 86 1 make series set to take off in 2016. With such skills as Josh, we hazard a guess he will do very well for himself there.

2nd Place is the surprise package of the 2015 Nulon Nationals


Dan Meredith from the Honda Owners club in his K 24 powered monster civic. This street car is a danger in all forms of Motorsport, Having already run a low 12 second 1/4 mile, (11`s to come) Dan proved how quick these little bum dragers can be with a top 10 finish in round 1 and 11th place in round 2, very different forms of racing, yet he is at the pointy end of the field both times. Round 3 is where the civic will really show people how quick they can be, we expect to see him in the low 1 minutes around this track which will really cement his place in the Nulon Nationals 2015.


1st place, and the man to beat so far in this series


Trent Nolan from Road and Track Drivers Club (RTDC) is a force to be reckoned with. Building a ball tearing Evolution powered AWD Mitsubishi Mirage in his home workshop takes a lot of guts, patience and skill to say the least. Where Trent is in a field of his own is his skill behind the wheel, it is one thing to steer the Mirage into a top 5 position in Round 1 while still ” shaking” the car out. where he really caught our attention was on one of his slower runs of the day at Bulahdelah, He spun out durting the entry of turn 2, stayed on the gas and with a lot of skill and a little luck managed to regain the run and still clock an impressive 1:40 which would of put him in the top half of the field regardless. Trent is an all round nice guy, happy to chat about his build or just shoot the breeze. We hope to see him at Wakefield for round 3 and yet again another top 5 finish.

lets take a look at who is threatening the top ten positions..

Driver results after round 2=

Round 3 of the Nulon Nationals is held at Wakefield Raceway on the 24th fo July 2015. 60 cars are already confirmed for the event. We are counting down the days already.


Stay tuned for more information regarding the Nulon Nationals






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