Powertune lock out top spots with Dean Lillie at the wheel

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World Time Attack has run and been won. One workshop out of Sydney has laid down one of the most impressive displays World Time Attack has ever seen.Nulon Powertune R32 Resi

Chea from Powertune was clear from day one, “we want to put both our GTR`s on the podium in 2014″. With a clear goal in mind, the team at Nulon did what they could to help promote the cars and put on a good show at the 2014 WTAC – With Dean Lillie at the wheel, They had a great chance at doing just that.

Nulon Powertune R34 Steve KaDean set a great time in both cars on Friday which left Dennis`s R32 GTR in first place followed by Steve Ka`s R34 in a close second. These early times wouldn’t be touched until the top 5 shootout at 6:00pm on Saturday night.

Nulon Lightning Mcqueen

Dennis`s car run under 1:31 on the first pass of the day which shows testament to just how well build these cars are. The new Lightning McQueen wrap really set the car apart and made it a crowd favourite in the pits as well.

Nulon Dean LillieNow is was Deans turn to put the R34 into the pointy end of the field, despite some early selector issues and 2 sessions being red flagged, Dean managed to put the car into second place just behind his team mate with a 1:31.3. This was enough to get both cars into the top 5 shootout on Saturday afternoon.

Nulon Powertune GTRs

Now comes the tricky part, because Dean was driving both cars in the shootout, he had to do a flying lap in the R34, come in swap cars and get out in the R32 before the end of the session. We knew that the team had turned the cars up and were ready to smash the times, both cars were aiming for a sub 1:30, both cars are very similar spec, and they weigh within 80kg of each other. Who would come out on top??

nulon Steve Ka, PowertuneThe Powertune R34 was impressive, Dean ran a 1:30.4 on a track that was slowing up by the minute. A quick pit stop and into the R32 to see if they could hit that Magic Sub 1:30 mark.

nulon Dean LillieAs Dean pulled out onto the track, another car started dropping what looked like oil out of turn two and pulled over on the side of the track which red flagged the session. Now we know that you cant improve on first as second, but both Steve and Dennis would of loved to see what would of happened during the shoot out and at least some bragging rights for the next 12 months.

dean lillie open class. NulonYou think Dean is excited? Never before has one drivers given such a big footprint in open class racing at Time Attack. Building fast cars is only 1 peice of the puzzle to create such a successful team, you need a good relationship with a driver, This is exactly what Powertune have with Dean Lillie.

Nulon Powertune R34. Dean LillieDriving 2 cars in the same class isnot an easy thing to do let along master. Dean`s control on track is second to none, but the most valuable asset dean has is his knowledge and feedback that he gives the team. If something isn`t 100% right he gives the team the right feedback so they can make adjustments to give him the fastest car possible.


Nulon Powertune, R34 GTRSteve Ka has been building this GTR for many years now, and as most know, building a car will have it ups and downs. This time last year was a very different feeling for Steve, the car leaving on the back of a tow truck before the event finished, This year he leaves with 1st place trophy and bragging rights for the next 12 months.

Nulon Powertune R32 GTRDennis Resi is known for having a lightning fast R32 Street car, This was his first attempt at taking on open class at World Time Attack, He has defiantly put his stamp on the event,  Time Attack racing need more teams like Powertune turning up and building cars for the event. The level of professionalism shown by the team from top to bottom is testament to their top 1 and 2 placing, there is always a smile in the pits sand the cars were made available for fans to get a photo next to during the whole weekend. Congrats guys and we hope to see you all next year to back it up.

Nulon Powertune, GTRs





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