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December 19, 2016
JDM Boss Mode
January 31, 2017

“There’s nothing better in life than a Supra”.

Brittany has held a quiet interest in cars her whole life. With a Corvette owning dad, there had always been some horsepower in the family garage, but she never felt that insatiable need on her own.

A cold August night in 2013, a friend asked Brittany to come along to a car meet at an industrial complex near Sydney Motorsport Park. Her friend warned her that car meets weren’t quite like how the Fast & Furious franchise made them out to be, and they usually aren’t. This night was the exception.

Unusual imports, modified to full blog-stopper spec, lined the street for hundreds of metres in both directions. In a tightly packed parking area, bass pounded and neons flashed from millions of dollars’ worth of cars. All the tropes of the tuner scene were on display, big personalities, exotics, cars from every tuning niche. It was one of those moments where you ask the person next to you asks ‘is this real life?’

The night was marred with drama. Flying over a blind crest, a Mitsubishi Evo punched a career-ending dent into a Nissan Silvia making a U-turn in the crowded street. The S14 was sent flying into a parked Skyline GTR. The crowd swarmed around the accident, as chirps of unlocking cars sounded everywhere as savvier drivers left in anticipation of the local highway patrol. It was a wild scene, with a cacophony of burbling exhausts, and reflections of lights bouncing off warehouse walls as the owners debated fault amongst the scramble of cars.

Understandably, the evening left an impression.

Brittany’s pride and joy, then a black Suzuki Swift, hit CarSales that night. The search for something that captured some of the culture and spectacles she had just experienced was on. “I said ‘yeah, I’m selling my car’ and I fell in love with the Supra and discovered other JDM cars from there,” said Brittany. “Muscle is just… different, and I like going against my dad.” First buying an NA Supra to get her through her P’s, Brittany took the car from eBay spoiler spec to Japanese Wangan weapon. The car looked so good; she drove herself to the school formal.

When Brittany finally got her full license, she knew it was time to step up to the big leagues. Another white JZA80 was acquired, this time with the invincible twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE. The bodywork was transferred, and the build began. Her car has two pairs of shoes, concave DTM P5’s and a gorgeous matte bronze set of Work Meisters.

IMG_3529Brittany’s Instagram profile is a clue to how deep her passion runs. With 25,000 followers and another 13,000 on Facebook, there are no club photos, gym selfies or fit tea promotions. It’s all Supra. Currently, a show queen, Brittany’s daily is CityRail. The Supra sees the street once a week, but that doesn’t stop it from making a positive impression on Brittany’s day. “It’s exciting all the time. When I come home, and I see it in the garage, I am always happy.”


A sticker on the Supra’s dash reads: No screaming, no touching buttons and hold on. It is a sticker she hopes to put to good use, planning to strap an intimidating Precision single turbo to the 2JZ this month.

The turbo lag from the big black turbo is a concern, but Brittany isn’t phased.

“Down the track, we can fix it. A shot of nitrous, it will be fine.”

Aiming for 450kW, she looks forward to getting her dad in the passenger seat once the big single is tuned and giving him the 101 on imports. We look forward to seeing that on YouTube.



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