August 21, 2017


Stitching together over 30 cars, Mark Apap’s 1947 Ford Coupe Custom has been chopped, bagged, frenched, stretched, blown, curved, refabbed and brought to life. With half […]
July 6, 2017


Ready to tackle the Old Telegraph Track, but with the road manners to remain a daily driver, Matt Kinsela’s HiLux is at home crawling over red […]
March 30, 2017

Farm Truck Lit Up

The big American truck is an enthusiast’s staple. It’s a style of vehicle that makes car nuts cross the floor and leave their faction behind. At […]
March 7, 2017
1932 Ford Hot Rod

Legacy in a Deuce Coupe

Is there anything as good as a car slammed within an inch of its life? Front bar fearing gum nuts, sump sparking? By Josh Cronin’s standards, […]
February 23, 2017

Work Hard, Roll Harder

“Far out, I actually learned how to do all these things; to put all these systems in place and they are actually working, right now!” There […]
January 31, 2017

JDM Boss Mode

Step up to the highest difficulty setting with a Hakosuka rebuild. They say never drive your heroes. But owning your heroes? That ‘never’ advice tends to […]
January 23, 2017

Supra Star

“There’s nothing better in life than a Supra”. Brittany has held a quiet interest in cars her whole life. With a Corvette owning dad, there had […]
December 12, 2016

Secrets of a Porsche Perfectionist

The Porsche 356 was originally intended for a production run of around $5000. The first Porsche, a spry, rear-engined sports coupe for the discerning driver. It […]
December 5, 2016

An Unlikely Union

Adrian’s Honda powered RX-7 is an Australian first, and an easy way to start an argument in a comments thread. Balance is something you hear mentioned […]