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Mazda Furai Super Performance Concept at 2008 Detroit Auto Show
Mazda Furai
November 4, 2013
Lexus LF-LC Confirmed for Production
November 5, 2013

Last Friday delivered one of the most entertaining events held at the peanut track i have attended. The crowds turned out to show their support for the Sydney drift scene. 1454817_408469879278833_88834316_n Hi tech oils Figure 8 drift series round 3 was set up to be a nail biter with 2 drivers battling to take out the championship. Brad Touhey and James Abbott were tied coming into this event with 1 win each. 1410769_408891745903313_175031328_o Both the Blaze unit boys were doing what they do best, smoking the track like no bodies business. 1403694_667468106621188_1885757387_o Steve Pembrey is always a crowd favorite, His AE86 is worth a look under the bonnet next time you see it in the pits. (stay tuned for a full write up on this car) 1403329_10152009526999905_1440097504_o The great mix of cars made this event a great place to learn a thing or two and meet plenty of new people. 1410874_1432010167010463_1176491503_oJabbit was super strong all night against some strong competition.  A small touch in the top 8 did some major damage to his front end (and side) and he was not only out for the night but lost his chance to win the championship.1402952_667480649953267_2023133827_o Steve Pembrey was on the door of anyone and everyone, climbing his way through to the top 4. photoDue to the style of the comp. The Blaze unit boys had pre-qualified in the top eight so had some time to relax and watch the 8-16 battle for a spot in the finals. 1391531_10153476448200601_1777767345_nSchembri was strong all day and was through to the top 4 battle with an aggressive style and plenty of smoke. 861217_667481433286522_355367817_o Almost perfect lines and style from steve took him all the way to the finals. It was at this stage that his gearbox decided that it didnt belong in the car anymore.  Steves night was over as he rolled to the start line. It was a sad end to the night for Steve but great to see the car back out and Steve so sorted behind the wheel. He was by far the most controlled car on that super tight track and would have had a great shot at taking the win, Congrats on 2nd place photo2 The series wrapped up as well that night.  congratulations to Brad Touhey for taking out the Hi Tec Oils Figure 8 Drift Series. photo1And a massive congrats to Scott Schembri for taking out 3rd in the series, he was rewarded for being super reliable. And James (Jabbit) Abbott for taking out second place. We cant thank these guys enough for all the hard work they put into getting these cars to each event.



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