Chasing the Blur
September 18, 2016
October 15, 2016

Team Nulon Motorsport are set to mount a major assault on the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) at Sydney Motorsport Park in NSW this weekend. Supporting entries in the event since 2012, 2016 will see Nulon’s greatest year on the WTAC stage. A 14 driver, 13 car strong team, will scuffle with the stopwatch across Open, Pro-Am and Clubsprint classes.


Each Nulon backed entrant has worked their way to the WTAC race team through performance in the grassroots and fun focused Nulon Nationals series. The team features high profile candidates contending for podium honours.


Daniel Meredith, outright winner of 2015 Clubsprint at WTAC will defend his title with his revised BYP built Civic EK.  Featuring an improved aero package, the Honda now develops over 360kw from a Supercharged, forged K24 motor. Adding wider wheels and a sub-tonne curb weight, the street registered hatch is battle ready.


Daniel said the new package would boost performance on last year, but was focused more on fun than first. “With the changes to the gearbox, ratios, and the brand new engine we should be hitting 270km on the straight and taking the high-speed corners a lot faster,” he said. “The Clubsprint field might be the most competitive, and there are a lot of rumours about other cars, but I haven’t seen results yet. No one has won Clubsprint twice in a row, so there is a lot more pressure on me this year, whatever the outcome is, I want to get out and have fun.”


In a field dotted with the world’s most desirable metal, Nulon Motorsports Team driver Dale Malone brings a major draw card to WTAC, unveiling his ex-JGTC GT300 S15 Silvia. The first time the car will touch tarmac in anger since landing down under, Dale is competing with the GT300 in Pro-Am class. ”Everything is just engineered to the craziest level,” said Dale. “The front struts are super lightweight magnesium; it has titanium fabricated spindles; the SR20 is back in now the same spec as the original Super GT engine, putting out around 380kw. Just a little more than it was originally designed for. This weekend is the unveiling of the car, the first big public event. The goal is a trouble free weekend. I’m actually nervous. It’s a big thing, to achieve this and get it going.”


In a coup for the Team Nulon Motorsports, the Nulon backed ‘Lightning McQueen’ liveried Skyline R32 GTR owned by Dennis Resi and built by one of the best shops in the business, Powertune will recruit the driving talents of Japanese Time Attack veteran Tarzan Yamada.


Nulon Motorsport Coordinator Chris Dawe said Yamada’s inclusion in the team was a defining moment for the brand. “To have a driver of Tarzan’s talent and experience steering for us is incredible. To combine him with one of the most qualified cars in the Open Class field, putting down 640kW through a sequential gearbox – it’s next level!”


Other entries to watch out for include Danny Bunetta’s 500kW Toyota Supra, a standout entrant at Nulon Nationals Bathurst Hillclimb, as well as Daniel Griffin’ NSX and track regular Benny Tran in the BYP EG Civic.


The full list of Nulon Motorsport Team entries is below, and we also have an open door policy in regards to our pit area so please come down and check out all the cars and say G’day over the weekend.

Dale Malone GT300 Silvia Pro AM
Daniel Meredith EK Civic Clubsprint
Tim Burt R34 GTT Clubsprint
Danny Bunetta Supra Clubsprint
Jimmy Assaad Evo 6 Clubsprint
Stuart Rankin Supra Clubsprint
Daniel Griffin NSX Clubsprint
Jaylen Nader S2000 Clubsprint
Benny Tran EG Civic Clubsprint
Glen Samson R34 GTR Clubsprint
Philip Aqunio Silvia Open Class
Kim Tai Evo RS Open class
Dennis Resi R32 GTR Open Class
Tarzan Yamada R32 GTR Open Class



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