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Nulon Nationals Results, Round 3 – Wakefield Park
August 6, 2015
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August 18, 2015

Nulon Nationals round 3 has been run and won, Benny Tran made it 2 wins from 2 starts with an impressive drive in dry but greasy conditions. although the time was more than 2 seconds off his PB he still managed to take the win and build some valuable points for the top ten drivers championship.

Lets take a look at how the points look like with only 1 round to go.


Verne Johnson: 10th


Verne held onto a top 10 position with a solid drive at round 3, Running a 1:08.2 securing him 17 points in a very bunched up field. We had 40 cars run under 1:10 which is incredible. Hopefully we will see Verne pull off an upset at the 500M airstrip to prove that the MX-5 is a master of all disciplines.

Peter Carruthers: 9th


Peter from SAU has rocketed into the top 10 with another great performance in round 3. Peter ran a 1:05.3 which put him in 6th place and earned him 40 points. Peter is one of the characters of the Nulon Nationals, Often involved in the Evo V Skyline debate and very keen to make his point known. Some of the best 1 liners we have ever heard have come from his mouth during the “After Hours” chats. He backs his words up with some ballsy driving and very quick lap times. ” Drive it like you stole it is an understatement”.

Michael Hill: 8th


Michael from RTDC is another fast mover, Coming from 19th to 8th in the drivers championship with a 7th place finish at round 3. Michael also took out the Best presented award for his super clean R34 GTR in Bayside blue. This car is driven hard but always seems to look like it has just rolled off the factory floor. A true attribute to the Nationals event.

Adam Burgess: 7th


Adam from the Ford Owners club has secured 7th spot after round 3. Adam treated us to our first experience with a GT Production car. the Genetta G50 was manufactured in Europe and imported to compete in GT endurance events in Australia. The aero on this car is setup to run on full slicks only. With our tyre ruling this couldn’t be the case, so Adam purchased some Toyo R888 semi slicks and impressively ┬áput the car into the top 10 with a 1:06.2. Very well driven for someone that had never driven the car on that track, and had never driven the car on that type of tyre. Adam also took out the fastest N/A powered car. No surprises there.

Josh Leask : 6th

NulonNationalsRnd315 363

Josh is the team manager for the 86 Drivers club and really leads from the front. Currently sitting in 6th for the drivers championship coming into round 4. The real battle for Josh is going on within the club, Steve Pembrey and him are within 2 points of each other and have almost run the exact same time for all 3 events so far. Josh is piloting a Turbocharged 86 track car that he has built himself, Taking part in everything from time attack events to rally and the odd drag race as well.

Benny Tran: 5th


Benny is fast becoming the man to beat in the Nulon Nationals event. 2 wins from 2 starts has put him into 5th although he didnt run in the first round. Benny from BYP performance is running their Integra Time Attack car which broke record at our hillclimb and pants the field at round 3. We cant wait to see what it does down the airport runway to see where Benny ends up.

Steve Pembrey: 4th


The other half of the 86 bash brothers, Steve has been part of the Nulon Nationals since day one. Currently sitting in 4th place which was largely due to his huge effort during round 2 which saw him drive his 200klw AE86 drift car into 6th place with a balls to the wall drive. Steve has incredible car control, He has come from a drifting background but we are fast becoming a fan of his grip driving as well.

Tod Herring: 3rd

NulonNationalsRnd315 239

Tod is another character of the Nationals event. He brought out his newly rebuilt MX-5 with a forged turbo motor and proved to everyone with the right mods and a good driver behind the wheel, the MX-5 is the best bang for buck track car going around. Tod will no doubt be back for round 4 with a challenge to take the burnout award, which he only just missed out on in round 2.

Daniel Meredith: 2nd

NulonNationalsRnd315 415

Dan from the Honda club has consistently upset the apple cart with his K24 powered EK civic. Being fast at a single event is one thing, Dan has proved to us that he is an all round well skilled driver by putting his Honda in the top end of the field 3 rounds in a row. His Honda is an extremely well setup car, the boys at BYP have given him a strong powerplant in the K24. Dan has done the rest. Round 4 is the drag strip which would normally be a Hondas weakness. Lets just say, watch this space as the Honda team have some grand plans for round 4.

Trent Nolan: 1st

NulonNationalsRnd315 247


Trent has extended his lead at the top of the table with another crazy drive at round 3. Trent built this 4wd drive Mirage to compete in the Nulon Nationals, and while still developing the car (first year) he has taken out top position for 3 rounds in a row is very impressive. As the car grows, so does Trent’s skill behind the wheell. Round 4 is a straight line drag race over 500M. It should make for some great watching to see who comes out on top.









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