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October 31, 2013
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October 31, 2013

The Wazuma V8F is the Latest masterpiece based on the already famous Wazuma R1, it is 100% Designed and build by Lazareth who are a custom French Motocycle company.


The V8F is loosely based on the 3 wheel geometry of 2 spaced front wheels and 1 massive rear powered wheel. This aggressive stance gives the rider great vision and stability while retaining great performance.


The new V8F is powered by a 3.0L V8 Ferrari Motor, yes that’s right, this french bulldog takes its power from the Italians. Now here is where it gets fun. It develops 250hp and it weighs in at less than 600kg. Although the motor is built by Ferrari, it is controlled with a fuel injection system incorporating 2 sport bike engines running the Sybelle (French) system. This gives the Lazareth tuners full control.


Looking at what is behind the motor is even more interesting. The 6 speed sequential gearbox comes from a BMW M3 but is controlled from the handle bars. It is also equipped  with 324MM Brembo brakes which makes it the ultimate street weapon.


A personal favorite of mine are the individual throttle bodies that are directly under the drivers position. The sound and feeling of taking this for a ride would be amazing.


Now here is the drawback,  at $164,000 Euros ($240,000) it really prices itself right at the pointy end of the market. This places it as one of the most expensive quad bikes ever made. I guess we need to start saving.

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For more information visit http://www.customautomoto.com and stay tuned for more Features on all things automotive related from around the world.




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